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Scottsdale Home Detention Is Approved

Monday, May 3, 2010
posted by Ted Agnick, The Lawyer

Home Detention for Scottsdale City Court jail sentences was approved April 27, 2010, by the Scottsdale City Counsel.  This is good news for people charged with DUI in Scottsdale City Court.  This will help people facing First Offense Extreme DUI (Minimum 30 day jail Sentence) or Super Extreme DUI Charges  in Scottsdale (Minimum 45 day jail sentence).  This is because people will be eligible to serve part of their jail in home detention/home arrest.  It is also great news for people charged with any Second Offense DUI charges in Scottsdale because the jail sentences for those offenses are more than 30 days and as much as 60 days.

Unfortunately, home detention will not be immediately available for DUIs in Scottsdale.  This is because the Scottsdale City Court must now secure a vendor/provider for the Home detention Program.  In other words, they will need time to properly set it up.  Consequently, the actual date that Home Detention will become available to people ordered to serve jail sentences remains uncertain.  However, a decent guess would be mid to late summer.

As an Arizona DUI Attorney, I feel obligated to continue posting breaking news on the Scottsdale Home detention program as it becomes available.  So, subscribe to our news feed or bookmark our web site and check it for updates.

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