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Archive for the ‘Arizona DUI News’ Category

Andrew Thomas Resigns As Maricopa County Attorney

Monday, April 12, 2010
posted by Ted Agnick, The Lawyer

Andrew Thomas left office Monday April 5, 2010. Chief Deputy County Attorney Phil MacDonnell is acting as Andrew Thomas’ replacement until county supervisors pick his replacement. This fall, voters will select who will fill the final two years of Andrew Thomas’ remaining term as Maricopa County Attorney.

My opinion, as an Arizona DUI Attorney, is that Andrew Thomas’s resignation can only have a positive effect on Maricopa County and Citizen’s accused of crimes and DUIs in Maricopa County. I believe this because it appears Andrew Thomas was more interested in using the powers entrusted in him for political gain as opposed to gaining constitutional justice for all citizens.

Andrew Thomas’ chief ally is Sheriff Joe. In my opinion, any plotted acts between these two simply amounted to manipulative acts for personal and political gain. Andrew Thomas resigned so he could run for the office of Arizona Attorney General. Now, Sherriff Joe has announced he is considering leaving his office so he can run for Arizona Governor.

Andrew Thomas and Sherriff Joe have gone after county supervisors and judges. They appear to have very little reservations about their use of power when it came to county officials. You can only imagine the affect of their power on regular citizen’s accused of crimes. The elimination of Andrew Thomas as the head prosecutor in Maricopa County is one of the better things that happened in our county government this year. It will not make up for the recession, but it makes it easier to bear.

The ultimate affect on Arizona DUI cases and criminal cases is that hopefully, Maricopa County prosecutors in the trenches will be able to use their own discretion and apply justice as they see appropriate as opposed to being stuck to Andrew Thomas’ policies of what Justice is. This should ultimately result in better case resolutions as opposed to some punitive campaign driven by Andrew Thomas’ version of Justice likely driven by political gain. His version has allegedly resulted in the FBI stepping in to investigate him due to his prosecution of Maricopa County officials, i.e, abuse of power.

A member of the panel recommending a replacement to the County Board of Supervisors indicated they hope to get somebody that is able to better deal with the large diverse county. According to the Maricopa County Attorney web site, it is responsible for handling crime in the third largest county in the U.S. It looks like it is time for The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office to step into the 21st Century. The only way this can go bad is if Andrew Thomas actually wins the election for Arizona Attorney General.